Refurbished BT Inspiration System Phone

£ 35.00 plus VAT

Cable, sockets and installation parts


BT Inspiration Expansion Cards (please phone for availablilty)

BT Inspiration 2 x 6 expansion board £ 95.00 plus VAT

BT Inspiration ISDN2 Daughter board £ £ 75.00 plus VAT

BT Inspiration ISDN Upgrade card £ 75.00 plus VAT

BT Inspiration PSTN Trunk card £ 75.00 plus VAT

UK mainland carriage charged at £ 12.00 plus VAT per consignment


Telephone Extension Leads


BT Inspiration Telephone System

BT Inspiration wiring diagram at the foot of this page

Need a programming manual for the BT Inspiration?

It's almost the same as the BT Pathway which you can download FREE from my BT Pathway page. click here



BT Inspiration Wiring Diagram for Systemphone

Extension port
Socket LJU 2/3A
Wiring Colour


BT Inspiration Wiring Diagram For Ordinary Telephones (SLTs)
Extension port
Socket LJU 2/1A
Wiring Colour


Do you need a programming manual for the BT Inspiration? It's almost the same as the BT Pathway which you can download FREE from my BT Pathway page. click here


The BritishTelecom Inspiration can be used as a conventional switchboard operated system, or with incoming calls routed directly through to extensions. In this way calls can be answered by anyone from any phone. The BT Inspiration Featurephone has a large, easy to read graphic display and simple to follow menus to take you through the relevant options available to you. Functions can be activated by single key selections. Designed to be easy to operate, users will have their everyday phone requirements at their fingertips within seconds. Caller Display on system phones when subscibing.

As well as the features that you would expect from a telephone system such as the ability to transfer calls internally, provide music (internally generated only, no MOH port) or tone on hold and speed dialling, BT Inspiration also has features normally only associated with large telephone systems. Some of the most exciting features offered by the BT Inspiration are its external transfer and external divert facilities. Now, transferring calls to any outside telephone number is simplicity itself. With divert, calls can go directly to any external number of your choosing, automatically. So whether you're working at home, in another department or on-site via your mobile, BT Inspiration takes the office to wherever you are.

British Telecom Inspiration is totally flexible as it can also be used with standard telephones. However the more dedicated Featurephones you use, the easier it becomes to operate your system. System Features expansion up to 8 lines and 16 extensions. Analogue or ISDN or mixture of both. Supports Desktop ISDN. Supports many features like Call Transfer/Divert etc. Supports optional modules e.g. Voicemail, Door Intercom, Call Manager and Battery Backup .

Optional menu driven Featurephone provides voicemail monitoring, directory access and is headset compatible. Supports standard analogue telephones.




BT Inspiration Systemphones

Featurephone Features

Enables system programming

Advisory messages 4 x 24 character graphic display 8 x programmable keys 4 fixed option keys

Menu driven Voicemail monitoring

Directory access

Wall mountable

Adjustable plinth

Call Manager compatible

Headset compatible

Ringing/message indicator

Facility menus and keys

Facility activation keys

Volume, mute and handsfree keys

Hold and transfer

Time and date Assign extension names

Colour - Charcoal Grey


Optional Extras



Voicemail is a highly featured cost-effective solution for the small business enabling you never to lose that vital business call. You can be open for business 24 hours a day. The system can also be used an internal messaging system ensuring that messages and ideas are never lost.

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant feature allows callers to ring directly through to an extension, provided that they know the extension number of the person they wish to contact. This service is only available when Voicemail is fitted.

Door Intercom

The Door Intercom is an entry phone, which can be connected to the BT Inspiration and allows you to control entry to your premises without leaving the desk.

Hotel upgrade.

BT Inspiration with Hotel Upgrade will put new technology at your disposal. Helping you to provide a better, more accommodating, service for your guests, while providing you with the means to plan and manage more efficiently.

We stock all equipment for the BT Inspiration system. Please e mail us for further information or you if require any help with the BT Inspiration or any telephone system.


Refurbished BT Inspiration Equipment Available

Refurbished BT Inspiration System Phone

Price £ 75.00

£ 12.00 carriage per consigment

Then add 17.5% VAT to the total


To Pay By Credit/Debit Card Please Call

0845 678 2971



Need a programming manual for the BT Inspiration? It's almost the same as the BT Pathway which you can download FREE from my BT Pathway page. click here


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